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Annapurna Trek

Annapurna mountain trek

The Annapurna trek travel packages, cost weather and trek difficulty.

The best Annapurna trek is most demanding trek route, located in the heart of western part of the Nepal Himalaya. Learn everything you need to know about the Annapurna hiking – trekking in Nepal.

Planning the Annapurna trek in Nepal? A great decision! Here’s everything you need to know before your visit Annapurna. Majestic annapurna trek is a travelers dream. The most Annapurna trekking routes are diverse in culture and nature. It is wildly recognizing as a naturalist’s paradise.

Besutiful Annapurna region is a home of endangered animals like snow leopard, Himalayan Thar, and blue sheep and protects various species of birds. Some of them are the multi-color Impeyan, blood pheasant among a multitude of other birds, insects, and butterflies.

In addition, Annapurna trek offers the brilliant Himalayan scenery, annapurna massif, great landscapes, and gorgeous waterfalls. Moreover, you can find the richest in cultural and natural heritage and lovely green valley. Besides that, Thorong la locates at an altitude on 5,416 meters, recognizing as the world’s widest pass.

Plants including medicine herbal plants are also found in Annapurna conservation. Moreover, the conservation area has 100 varieties of orchids and some of the richest colorful rhododendron forest in the world. Finally, the Mystical Annapurna circuit trek recognizes one of the top first trek destinations in the universe.

The Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP), areas, training, flora and faunas.

First of all, in 1986, Annapurna conservation was set up under the guidance of the King Mahendra Trust for Nature Conservation. The project encompasses the entire Annapurna Himalayan range, about 7600 square kilometers. In an innovative approach to environmental protection, it is declared a “conservation area” instead of a national park.

Besides that, the Annapurna region has a large number of people inhabitants. So they live with their own tradition within the boundaries. In an effort to avoid any conflicts of interest, ACAP has sought the involvement of local people for environmental education.

In addition, the ACAP projects include the various training for Lodge owners. They focus on attention on sanitation, deforestation, and cultural pride. Therefore, they give training to guest house owners to charge a fair price for food and accommodation. The entrepreneur gets lessons to cook foods with kerosene. Even more, ACAP is supporting with the “conservation fee” of Nrs 3000 from foreign trekkers except SAARC who obtain trekking permits to trek in Annapurna.

Mount Annapurna 1st, 8th tallest mountains on earth is one of the most magnificent peaks in the world can be seen from Poon hill while you are watching the sunrise. Trek to upper Ghorepani and poon hill recognized as a mini Annapurna circuit trek, will be more interesting in spring as the whole forest along the trail turns red, pink and white with rhododendron flowers. What to do in nepal in June?- there are some trek routes which are inside the Himalayas with very very less rain.

Climbing or expedition annapurna death rate is very high so many travelers check their fitness and their body reaction choosing any small mountain climbing. Either choose Tharpu chuli or tent peak is the most famous peak climbing to test your climbing skills and body. Why is annapurna so deadly? because of less skill and less time for acclimatization is a prime factor to became annapurna so deadly. If you wish to decrease the annapurna mountain deaths, you have to have special mountaineering course with a proper travel plan before your expedition-climbing journey starts.

The massif meaning of Annapurna is a range of annapurna mountains. Hike to annapurna base camp temperature is roughly about zero degree but in winter time the temperature goes even more down. The trails from Deurali to Bagar is almost one of the most dangerous and unsafe because of falling massive snowfall. The trail is thin and narrow and chances of a falling avalanche very high.

Trip annapurna has easy access so many local tourist hike either to dhampus village or sarangkot hill as a day tour. From the top hill station, you can experience the majestic mountains. Moreover, if you are staying at a nice location in pokhara near phewa lakeside, you can see the amazing annapurna range from Pokhara.

When was happened annapurna tragedy in Nepal?

According to BBC world news, Snowstorms and avalanches have killed 39 trekkers on a popular hiking route in the Himalayas, Nepali officials say. After the fourth day of searches, 384 people have been rescued from the Annapurna trail, 216 of them foreigners, in the country’s worst-ever trekking disaster.

The annapurna range map – Annapurna trek map location

We have given the Annapurna trek map or Annapurna range map fixing goolge. Double click your right mouse button in any part of map to zoom. As an alternative, you can also use the navigation tool embed with a map. This is rough an online Annapurna map providing in google. If you book your trek in Nepal with gokyo treks Nepal agency, they provide you latest update A3 size trek map which is a high quality to see all trek routes in details including roads to avoid and old trails. annapurna trek map

Why people choose Annapurna mountain tour?

Accoring to the traveler’s report survey, Annapurna circuit trek is one of the most outstanding routes where the travelers can enjoy not only the great scenery of mountains but also enjoy visiting a local typical village, exploring their life and tradition. Rich in cultural and natural diversity with flora and fauna. Mount Annapurna trek starts from 600 meters until 8,091 meters above sea where trekkers can choose the best route according to their choices. The local people build nice guest houses perhaps all trek routes in mountain annapurna trek routes, so anyone can visit annapurna as a lodge trek.

How to reach Pokhara city to begin Anapurna trek?

Majestic Pokhara city is a gateway to explore Annapurna mountains. Guest can reach Pokhara city either overland drive taking a private car/jeep from Kathmandu or overland tourist bus. Journey with flight takes around 25 minutes and choosing an overland drive can take about 6 hours roughly. The most reliable and hassle-free transfer from Kathmandu is to fly pokhara either with Buddha air or yeti airlines. Fly with yeti or fly with Buddha are the leading airlines to Pokhara and they have a very good record in their history.

Mystical Annapurna mountain travel and Himalayan sceneary

Trek insights in Annapurna mountain range, you can see the best scenery of Annapurna first 8091m and annapurna 2, 3 – 7855m, 4 – 7525m, South 7819m. In addition, Varaha Shikhar 7847m, Himchuli 6441m, Dhaulagiri range with 8,163m, Nilgiri 6940m, Thapa Peak 6015m, Tukche Peak 6920m. Moreover, Machapuchare 6993m, Mardi Himal 5588m, Singu Chuli 6500m, Tharpu Chuli 5663m. Gangapurna 7483m, Lamjung Himal 6931m etc.

The Annapurna mountain trek difficulty

Many treks in Annapurna nepal mountain starts from easy to adventure trek category and difficulty. Going either tilicho pass, mesokanto la, mount dhaulagiri circuit or saribung la has a list under an adventure trek difficulty section. Likewise, hiking thorong la, kangla, base camp, annapurna sanctuary, Mustang, khayar lake are categorize as a moderate difficulty trek. And poon hill trek, khopra ride, mardi himal, royal trek, siklesh village trek, mohare danda trek, Australian camp hiking, dhampus – sarangkot hill station hikes are easy to trek difficulty.

According to the above easy trek routes, they are soft and easy trek grades and are best for beginner trekking in Nepal. Choosing an easy to moderate trekking in Nepal, you don’t need any kind of trekking and mountaineering experience. If you are healthy and can walk 5 to 6 hours daily, you can easily do this trekking.

However, it would be more good to do daily jogging or walking exercise is useful before you depart from your country. Our program has been prepared including rest day and build up gradually, in order to acclimatize to the altitude. On the trek, you can go at your own pace, with plenty of stops for resting.

Cheap Annapurna mountain trek coverage

Nepal annapurna mountain trekking route covers Pokhara city, Mustang, Manang, Kaski district, Magdy district etc.

Best season to explore Annapurna mountain treks

The best time to visit nepal and annapurna mountain treks are January, February, March, April, May, June, September, October, November and December. The best of the best times to trek the Annapurna Range are pre- and post-monsoon: March to April and September to November. Want to catch the rhododendrons in full bloom, book your trek for March or mid-April.

Cheap Annapurna mountain trek routes are open for trekkers in all months for the purpose of trekking tours. So, people from different part of the world are exploring trip annapurna often in all seasons.

Budget Annapurna mountain trek itinerary.

Most selling Annapurna mountain treks are poon hill trek is a classical trek possible to do in 3-4 days. Likewise, for Budget Annapurna circuit 10 days, is possible to do in 7 days.

How much does Annapurna mountain trek cost?

The cost is totally depending upon the group size and the service you choose with Gokyo treks Nepal agency. We offer Annapurna mountain trek cost cheap is on the basis on Tourist Standard accommodation in Thamel, Kathmandu. And tourist standard accommodation in Pokhara Fewa lakeside and normal clean lodge accommodation along the trek routes.

Standard and luxury Annapurna mountain trek cost is depending upon the lodges and category of the hotel you choose while you are staying in the city and as well as along the treks. Furthermore, taking flights to and from Pokhara saves your time and riding the bus reduces the trip expenses. Moreover, international tour leaders are highly encouraged to get discount and attractive complimentary.

“What makes Annapurna mountain trek special?”

Opportunities for challenging trekking or hiking and pleasant strolls are scattered all over this planet; you just need to know where to find them. We at Gokyo Treks agency believe in the quality services, safety and your satisfaction. We are a team of professional, experienced, well trained and licensed local guides who know the destination better.