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Langtang Trek

langtang trek

Magnificent Langtang Trek holds the gorgeous trekking routes in Nepal. Langtang is located north direction from the capital of Kathmandu city. Around 20% trekkers yearly come to discover Nepal explore wilderness landscapes in Langtang village. Dunche or Syabrubesi Bazaar is a gateway to hikes at Langtang, which is just about seven hours drive from Kathmandu in front.

Langtang trek 7 days is just comfort trekking but some backpackers complete in 5 days Langtang trek. If trekkers want to spend some days exploring Langshisa kharka, Langtang glaciers, and Tserkuri trek route? the trip goes a little longer.

7 days langtang trek is best and suits to everyone. No matter whether you are beginner trekkers or experience but to explore such an isolated landscape with the beautiful Tamang culture, Langtang valley is best everyone.

Go to see some side trips while visiting Langtang valley to extend your travel. It is possible to do in 10 days adding some sight trips and itself is a good choice. Geological feature of Langtang and other Himalayan vistas overall are also fabulous in Langtang Trek.

How to go langtang trek from Kathmandu?

You can prepare your trip driving with either a Kerung Bus (a local bus service that departure from Gongabu Bus station) or with a private jeep 4WD ride to get Dunche-Syabrubensi Bazaar. The bus to Syabrubesi departure every morning before 9 am. Riding a private jeep is also a safe way to reach Syabrubesi Bazaar with the lower brand new road. Syabrubesi altitude is 1,462 meters, and check Syabrubesi weather if you worry with your trek situation.

langtang trek distance from Kathmandu

Travel from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi distance is 122 Kilometers, roughly about 10 hours by public bus. If you take a private 4WD Jeep service? it takes a little less or about 7 hours. Syabrubesi altitude is 1,503 meters above sea level and a gateway to go Kerung Boarder. However, the trek route is 74 miles or 120 kilometers. It means that you trek for an average of 6 hours every day after the town.

Flora and Fauna in langtang trek

Langtang National Park is renowned for its population of red panda (Ailurus fulgens). Hiking in Langtang, most probably you can see musk deer, Red Pandas, Himalayan Tahr (Hemitragus jemlahicus), black Himalayan bear, wild god (Cuon Alpinus), snow leopard, ghoral (Nemorhedus goral) serow (Capricornis sumantrenis) and more than 250 species of birds and countless butterflies.

langtang trek difficulty

Besically Langtang is a top easiest hikes in Nepal Himalayas great suits for beginners. Some trekkers suggest that it is a moderate difficulty trek. As there are various trek routes, some of them are under easy grades and others are adventures. Trek difficulty is depending upon the route you are choosing and the months you are exploring.

Exploring Tamang Heritage Trail is new promoting trek route to observe Tamang cultures and thier tradition. Likewise, Helambu trek is a buddhist trail to watch about the locals with thier Buddhist tradition, monestery and meditation center. Visit Panch Pokhari Trekking or Ganesh Himal trek areas or Bhairav Kunda Trek routes in Rasuwa and Sindupalchowk districts but they mark as a beautiful and easy trekking route in Nepal.

Some treks are possible to complete within 5 days but some treks in the same region are taking 1 week to 2 weeks. Gosaikunda pass trek takes about 10 days, Lauribina la trek or Langtang – Helambu trek crossing over Surya Kunda lakes takes about 12 days, but has moderate types of trek difficulty.

In addition, If you wish to go more chellenging trekking in langtang region? we advise you to choose either Tilman Pass Trek or Ganjala pass Treks. Both of them are recognized under the adventure trek difficulty.

There is no doubt that the Langtang valley trek is one of the most beautiful Treks in Nepal. And Langtang is a beautiful place to visit in terms of its nature heritages, herbal plants, and glacial rivers. The 360-degree panoramic view of the snow-capped mountains exists incredible.

Langtang Trek in Nepal Himalayas with experience and expert local trek operator agency.

Furthermore, the trails are less crowded in terms of less promotion but the views are radiant and the local people are very friendly with great hospitality. Langtang trekking is perhaps first established a national park for Himalayan wildlife, Langtang National Park is located in between trekking and mountaineering trails allowing visitors unparalleled accessibility. So, if you are thinking to discover the very beautiful nature with great landscapes within less demanding Treks, Langtang region will be great.

Moreover, Langtang trek independent is okey but high risk because of landslides, and thin yak trail. You might be lost your way while hiking especially in high mountain elevation. If you wish, you can trek the route entirely Independently without hiring trekking guide, porter, trekking staff, but if it were me I would hire trekking guide or a porter guide out to make a trip safe.

Visit Gokyo Treks Nepal agency, if you are planning to make a trip into those treks in the Himalayas. Take a look about Langtang trek blog to get seasonal discounts and suitable itinerary. Make sure that the Langtang trek cost is not in big difference but it depends upon the nationalities you are coming. The Langtang trek permit prices for SAARC countries are cheaper than others.